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The Green Repeal - A Guide to Cannabis Marketing & Advertising

Aug 4, 2020

The nascent culture surrounding adult-use cannabis is still finding its tone of voice, and brands are still struggling to fully define themselves. Many companies that produce materials for the industry are either cold and clinical and make you feel like you’re looking at something from a pharmacy. Others fully embrace all of the stereotypes of stoner culture, and that pushes people away, too.

Charlie McElroy is thinking differently about how to teach people about cannabis. He’s the founder of Goldleaf and now spends his time at the company focusing on the creative vision. His company designs and prints journals, templates, infographics, data visualizations, and other educational assets for the cannabis community. He distills complex ideas, makes them digestible, and makes them beautiful - and his clients, which include doctor’s offices, co-ops, dispensaries, and growth centers, to name a few, rely on him to win over skeptics and cultivate a new kind of lifestyle brand. 

Today, Charlie joins the podcast to tell the story of how he entered the cannabis industry, effective storytelling techniques for brands within the field, and how he’s putting an end to common misconceptions about these products. 


  • How Charlie discovered a need for new kinds of educational materials when it comes to cannabis. 
  • Why Goldleaf has a very deliberate and intentional look and feel that’s neither cold and clinical, nor reflective of stoner culture. 
  • What makes cannabis education so different from teaching consumers about alcohol - and why it’s much more like wine than it is whiskey or spirits. 
  • The cannabis myths Charlie finds himself debunking often - and why the indica-sativa generalization is so inaccurate. 
  • Why Goldleaf is committed to staying analog in a digital era.

Show Notes

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