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The Green Repeal - A Guide to Cannabis Marketing & Advertising

Jul 14, 2020

Huge amounts of wealth have been created for entrepreneurs and businesses seeing success in the cannabis industry today. However, there are still many people all over the country incarcerated for cannabis-related offenses, and there is so much work to be done as we reckon with the legacy of cannabis prohibition.

Andrew Deangelo has spent decades of his life working to address both of these issues. He’s the co-founder of Harborside Health and part of the Board of Directors at the California Cannabis Industry Association. Perhaps most critically, he’s also the co-founder of the Last Prisoner Project, which is laser-focused on getting cannabis prisoners out of jail and reintegrated into society through jobs, training, and housing.

Today, Andrew joins the podcast to share stories about coming up in the nascent cannabis industry, why it was so hard to be a champion of cannabis over the last 30 years without getting arrested, and the power of storytelling to make change in our world.


  • Why the frameworks surrounding cannabis regulation and taxation need to be improved - and how a lack of interstate industry creates massive inefficiencies and redundancies. 
  • How the United States can end “Prohibition 2.0,” stop its war on the gray market, work with its legacy, and create a large, thriving legal market.
  • What can be done to help those hit hardest by the war on drugs to build businesses - and how prior convictions create a series of neverending red tape and setbacks.
  • The parallel barriers across the alcohol and cannabis industries - and the systems in place that lead to legal monopolies in both. 
  • Why Andrew believes we’re still very far from full federal legalization.

Show Notes

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